These 5 games that give almost no news but that we expect a lot

These 5 games that give almost no news but that we expect a lot

There are trailers that were able to give us chills as the first images made us want to play. After announced but exceeded release dates, many games have still not been released. Some see their developments being extended, others make the mistake of announcing their games too far in advance and some completely change direction to create another title.

Here, I’m going to share with you 5 games that made me want to immediately take out the blue card as they looked promising, but now, we don’t have too much news from them for certain reasons.

DokeV and Crimson Desert

Both developed by PearlAbyss , these two games are expected by two distinct types of communities. One is eagerly awaited by action-RPG players, especially those of The Witcher 3 franchise , as the gameplay videos seemed to immerse us in a universe as crazy as that of the witcher. As for the other, it is expected by the Pokémon community , because its gameplay is very similar to what Temtem and the game of pocket monsters offer, but with subtleties that make it unique and intriguing.

After stunning announcements, these games no longer have a regular follow-up on the progress of their developments. But now, recently, news has arrived and it is not good: the postponement of the two games .

Crimson Desert, one of my biggest expectations, was planned for this end of the year, except that it will not be released a few hours before the year 2023, of course; so it will be released at the end of 2023, one year after its announcement! And bad news never comes without another, DokeV will arrive later too, but in a much more distant time frame: that is to say at the end of 2024. Indeed, the developers want to focus on Crimson Desert, so the DokeV project is obviously “abandoned” while Crimson Desert is finished . It is therefore for these reasons that the two games gave no more news.

This postponement can only be for the best. Developers will have more time to refine their games and thus offer behemoths that can be real competitors to become the game of the year at the Games Awards 2023 and 2024!

Aion 2

Originally scheduled to be released on mobile in 2021, Aion 2 was given a new release date (2022) which was not kept . Since then, dead silence has reigned… No release date has been announced. By dint of shifting the release date, the developers have undoubtedly chosen to be silent to avoid any further disappointment.

We know too little about Aion 2; no gameplay video has been published, no scenery has been presented in detail, the plot is still unknown to date… We know too little about NCsoft’s next game. Despite some trailer videos (which ultimately show little), we have no vision of what Aion 2 could be.

The first MMO was a hit and presented itself as a great contender for the World of Warcraft titan , so we’re hopeful that the second might be exceptional! Maybe 2023 will be a year that will bring good luck and news will flow in for our greatest pleasure!

The Day Before

In 2021, what was my joy to see a new survival MMO released with a release date scheduled for the same year. It had been announced for the second quarter of last year (yes, we are still in 2022 at the time of writing these lines!), but now it has been postponed for the summer of 2022. C It’s a shame, but hey, we say to ourselves that a postponement can only bring good to a game under development. So now the spring of 2022 is in full swing and a new announcement pops up: The Day Before postponed for March 1, 2023…

One would have thought of a new disappointment, but now its postponement promises to be for the best. The game goes under Unreal Engine 5 ! He will be able to take advantage of the latest technological and graphic performances for an unparalleled immersion in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Even if the wait was long, as many months have passed without seeing even a sign of life from The Day Before , this intriguing survival MMO will arrive, but in its finest guise! Although we have little news, the MMO seems to offer a promising experience , even if we know too little about its gameplay.

Blizzard Survival Project

This youngest has no name and has no information revealed to date. We know Blizzard and they are good at creating complete universes that keep players in suspense for many years. So being a fan of survival games like 7 Days to Die, Ark or even Escape from Tarkov, all my curiosity is placed on this next title which may as well offer an exceptional experience, as a most disturbing disappointment .

With survival games, it’s double or nothing, either it’s addictive and you stay in the game for many years, or it’s a real carnage and you only stay a few days. After an announcement out of nowhere, it’s been almost a year since we had any news of this project which arouses the interest of a good number of players . Just like the games on this list, we sincerely hope that 2023 will be the year of revelations with an encouraging lifting of the veil!

Of course, to add a little last game to this list, we obviously have Riot Games’ MMO project ! Like Blizzard’s project, not much is known about it, but it may hold promise in view of projects done by Riot Games.

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