My biggest expectations for the Harry Potter game of 2023

My biggest expectations for the Harry Potter game of 2023

Hogwarts Legacy , the highly anticipated Harry Potter game, will be released on February 10, 2023, just a few weeks away. Will it live up to the expectations of potterheads (and even less fans)?

Overall, the content presented in the various showcases already seems very rich and worthy of what fans expect. Personally, I’m not afraid that the open world is empty as it seems secondary next to the exploration of the castle in its every corner. Hoping that this one is rewarded as it should be but, again, the progression system seems optimal. Of course, all of this is based on videos and you will have to wait to have the game in your hands to know what it is really about. But first, here are some of my expectations.18325 views

Simply a great game

Unsurprisingly, my first big expectation for Hogwarts Legacy is none other than its overall look. I hope it will be as beautiful as shown, without surprise bugs as was the case with Cyberpunk 2077 for example, and that the many delays will have allowed the developers to really polish the game. More than anything, I hope that the he vastness of the open world won’t hide too great a sacrifice in gameplay , and that fan-service won’t be the only convincing selling point.

A real choice in the dialogues

The dark/light choice system (if you talk like a Star Wars game) is still a bit hazy for Hogwarts Legacy. We know that it will be possible to make certain choices towards the Forces of Evil in order to learn the unforgivable spells, for example, but we do not really know the effects that this dark side could have on us and those around us. Will some students avoid us? Will any side quests be specifically related to one side or another?

Attend a Quidditch match and other events

Although it has been confirmed that Quidditch will not be playable at all , it would still be fascinating to be able to witness a real match directly in the game. The stadium is seen several times in the visuals as well as students wearing the outfits appropriate sports. If the latter will surely be used for the Broom Flight lessons quite simply, we would very much like to be able to watch one or more matches in the stadium, as if they were events not to be missed in the game (like the party Halloween or the end of the year ball for example).

As a reminder, the time of the game will not be representative of the time of your console / PC. Everything will be programmed according to your progress in the scenario of the game (so, even with a release in February, you will start the year on September 1, 1890).

Participate in the cup of the 4 houses

It is difficult to know if the cup of the 4 houses will actually be available in the game or not. On the one hand, one of the developers explicitly said that the hourglasses that we saw in the corridors of the castle were only an easter-egg, a wink, on the other, a leak of the The game’s trophies make it clear that one of the achievements to complete is to finish first in the cup leaderboard.

It would indeed be a good secondary element of gameplay to be able to collect points for one’s house (correct answers to exams, helping a student, etc.) or, conversely, to lose points because of bad actions (going out at night, miss a class etc.)

Discovering his Patronus

If Harry learns very quickly the fate of Expecto Patronum in the third volume, it is only in fifth year that his comrades could use it in their turn. It would be interesting to be able to discover his directly in Hogwarts Legacy without having to go through Pottermore . Especially since the official binding currently only concerns the wand and the house . We also know that Dementors will be enemies in the game, so it is not impossible to have to use this spell at some point.

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